Police Chesham

Hi every one Jus a quick update on chesham Police station It is now Open again with new lights and security paid for by read more

And it’s not just changing for learners. Here’s how it will affect instructors…

CRB checks – We have all had to undergo a criminal records check. Some instructors have been found to have serious offences and have been struck off. This will get even tougher and we will be monitored more closely to make sure our customers can be sure we’re safe to be with. CPD – We’ll have to undergo continuous professional development throughout our career. This may include... read more

Future Changes to Practical test

Driver attitude test – read more

Oct 2010 : New Driving Test Changes

>>>>>> NOTE : read more

After the test

Hi everyone   Just thought I would share some comments made after = taking a test.   “I almost ask to stop the test just outside = the test centre, My legs were shaking that much I didn’t think I could = continue” She did and she passed   “My legs started shaking, I could not control = the pedals, I had to ask to do the parallel park 3 times!” Unfortunately this was a fail   “He said I wasn’t looking, I... read more


Hi everyone I have just changed my blog to word press This is FREE from my hosting company softsail I ask you all to be patient while I get the new software workin Thank you Colin read more


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