Councils spending rising by 50% in a year on traffic calming. What’s your view?

Council spending on 20 mph traffic calming zones rising by 50% in a year

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Happy New Year

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Happy Christmas

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Prices Increase 27 Day Notice

27 Day notice of price increase

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DVSA replaces the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). It will be responsible for setting, testing and enforcing driver and vehicle standards in Great Britain and employ more than 4,000 staff.   Each year DVSA: conducts 1.5 million theory tests and 1.6 million practical driving tests regulates 28 million MOT tests and 46,000 driving instructors and motorcycle trainers carries out 137,000 roadside inspections tests... read more

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Academy Crash

Training back very soon

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Twitter Updates for 2012-08-16

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Twitter Updates for 2012-08-14

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Twitter Updates for 2012-06-23

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Twitter Updates for 2012-06-05

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#hilltop, #learnto

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What are Trams?

A tram, usually known in North America as a ‘streetcar’, ‘trolleycar’ or ‘trolley’, is a vehicle which runs on fixed rails and is designed to travel on streets, sharing roadspace with other traffic and pedestrians. Most tram systems also include at least some off-street running, either along the central reservation of roads (what would be called the ‘median... read more

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-01

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adipdi spring 2012

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Twitter Updates for 2012-03-29

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Driving Refresh 690 Dummy

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