how to book your practical driving test

Using your own car

Simple go to and follow the instructions



Using My Car for your Practical Test (which is subject to approval) 

Please Note: you do NOT need to put in an ADI number. My students can find my number on the original blue sheet given at your first lesson

When booking a practical test,

  • go to the gov website and follow the instruction until you are offered some dates.
    Gov Web site
  • check my online ‘Test dates file‘. (link below)
    If the date you want is not on my file, you can
  • book that date on the gov website.
  • You must TEXT me with the date, time and test center ASAP.
    (Note: if two or more people book at the same time, and there is a conflict of time, the 1st text I receive will get the slot. Others will need to amend their Date / Time.)


The “Test Dates File” contains dates  I can not, do tests on
i.e. My car is not available

The file can be found at



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