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Introduction to learning to Drive

The DVSA have published the following two documents:-

  • National standards for driving and riding

  • Learning to drive a car syllabus

The standards set out what it takes to be a safe and responsible driver and rider, and provide training to drivers and riders.

The national standard for driving cars and light vans sets out what you must be able to do and what you must know and understand to be a safe and responsible car and light van driver.

The syllabus sets out a way of teaching people that knowledge and those skills.


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From the Syllabus lesson plans have been created to cover the topics in a more defined list so that basic topics are covered, and experience gained, before moving on to advanced topics.
You would have received a list of 2 hr lesson plans on your initial lesson.

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Driving instructor code of practice:

The approved driving instructor (ADI) code of practice sets out how ADIs should behave with their pupils. The code of practice is voluntary for ADIs to follow.


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