Notice of Price Increase

Due to the increase price of Cars, and Fuel As of 27 July 2018, the new prices will come into effect   my current prices are based on a fuel price of £ 1.05 per liter The increase of fuel to £ 1.35 per liter now makes lessons un-profitable My prices will return to current values if the fuel price drops below £1.10   NOTE:- I will honor all current contracts, at current prices, until fuel price reaches... read more

Car Upgrade

New Car as of / from 16th July 2018   Due to the increase price of Ford cars I have had no choice but to change to a different manufacturer After many year of using ford cars, I can not pass on the cost of a new ford to my clients, to keep my prices low for my clients, I have had to make the decision to change car manufacture. there for as of and from 16th July 2018 the cars used for training will be:-... read more


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