After the test

Hi everyone


Just thought I would share some comments made after =
taking a


“I almost ask to stop the test just outside =
the test
centre, My legs were shaking that much I didn’t think I could =

She did and she passed


“My legs started shaking, I could not control =
the pedals,
I had to ask to do the parallel park 3 times!”

Unfortunately this was a fail


“He said I wasn’t looking, I know I =
was, but
didn’t say so as he had said I had passed”


“He said I wasn’t indicating? I know I =
at the very end, last corner back into test centre,  but I was =

This was the reason this client failed. I had never =
seen him
miss a signal, but you cannot argue with an examiner.
Remember, It’s more what the examiner believes, and see’s =
you doing
than, what you actually do. Over execrated head movements on =


“I almost failed you on that large roundabout =
when we
turned right, you put your indicator on, then it got cancelled as you =
going around the roundabout. Not indicating to others your intention is =
very serious,
It’s only that no one else was at the roundabout so there was no =
one to
signal to, that you got away with it.


“You drove all the way along that road at =
30mph. It
was national speed limit and you held everyone behind up, That’s =
and way you haven’t passed today”



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