And it’s not just changing for learners. Here’s how it will affect instructors…

CRB checks We have all had to undergo a criminal records check. Some instructors have been found to have serious offences and have been struck off. This will get even tougher and we will be monitored more closely to make sure our customers can be sure we’re safe to be with.

CPD We’ll have to undergo continuous professional development throughout our career. This may include days in classrooms, first aid courses, teaching courses etc. We will have to do at least 7 hours training per year to begin with.

Instructor ratings Instructors may be given a star rating from 1 to 5 to show how good they are. At the moment most pupils choose instructors at random as there’s no proper system available to learners to see how good someone is at teaching. This is not proving to be a popular idea as it is very unfair to give someone a rating based purely on how many passes they have had. There are many other factors that make a good instructor.

Declaration of test readiness It may be made so an instructor has to sign to say a pupil is ready for a test and if the standard is too low we would have to explain why. The idea behind this is that far too many poor instructors are bringing pupils to test who simply aren’t ready. Not only does this waste your time and money but it is dangerous.

This has created potential problems already though. There have been cases of instructors taking payments of up to

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